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Family Wholeness and the "Family-Being"
by David McNamara, Ph.D.

This article is about how to think about and work with the idea of family wholeness or unity. This is the living field of consciousness created together—like it or not—by the family, and which can be worked with to shape it as one wishes. We think about this as the “family-being”, for it is a living, conscious energetic life-form. This is an introductory article, and excerpt from the book that David is working on.

by Alexandra McNamara

This article is by Alexandra on the parents’ role and responsibility in creating the most appropriate and successful education for their children. It draws from her twenty-some years of experience as an educator, parent, and consultant to parents’ seeking the “right kind” of education for their kids, including homeschooling. This article is the re-writing of a talk she gave at our last “Creating Joyful Families” workshop in Scotland.

© All writings are copyright 2004 by David McNamara and Alexandra McNamara. All rights reserved.


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