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A good deal of our work is offering consultations and ongoing coaching for families in the area of family-centered education and building strong families. We are delighted to be able to share our understandings and approaches with families, teachers, and therapists who would find value in the unique ways we approach family life and childhood education. Check out our about us page to learn about our backgrounds and skills. Please contact us for our professional consultation/coaching rates.

We offer telephone consultation, but encourage video conferencing for ongoing support and coaching. We find that this medium of communication, while still relatively new, is a superb way of sharing, second only to face-to-face meetings. It can connect us anywhere in the world, is inexpensive, and brings an intimacy to communication that telephones can’t approach. We are also available for individual family weekends, which condense our weeklong summer workshop to meet the specific needs of your family. We have offered this both at Findhorn and in families’ own homes.

Alexandra McNamara, M.Ed., is available to consult and provide ongoing coaching and support on educational and parenting issues in the family, especially in regards to questions of choosing the right school or homeschooling situation and in creating a home life that will enhance your child's learning. She is skilled and experienced in helping to design and choose curriculums for families seeking alternatives to established school settings, enriching and supplementing traditional school experiences, and helping families to think through which path is best for their children. Alexandra can help you to observe your own child’s specific learning needs and styles and then discern what educational approach might best meet those needs. With the wide variety of educational options and homeschooling possibilities that are available, exploring how best to meet your child's needs, both currently and into the future, can an important way of consciously shaping your child's learning and development. Her talk on this subject for this year's Creating Joyful Families Workshop can be found on the Writings page.

David McNamara, Ph.D., offers consultations and ongoing coaching/counseling for families and couples, both regarding particular challenges your family might be facing in its growth and development, or more generally about how to create a strong and united family. This coaching/counseling process is based in the work of understanding and consciously shaping your “FAMILY-BEING,” the living, conscious field of energy that your family co-creates together. Assisting you to bring that “family-being,” into health and harmony is the unique “family transformation” perspective that Dr. McNamara offers. This is described in more depth in the writings page. Consciously shaping this field happens through increasing awareness, focusing intention, clearing the blocks that get in the way of its harmonious quality, and working with the transpersonal elements of the family. Many folks can attest (see our workshop/appreciations page) that this work can bring about deep and lasting changes in the life of your family. This approach to living together as a family can be valuable and effective from the earliest stages of a couple relationship, through the inclusion of children into the family, to creation of a blended family after parental separation, to the challenges of adolescence, to maintaining strong connections within the family after children have left the home.

If you are interested in our work, give us a call or send an Email. We quite love our work supporting families to find or create the best possible education for their kids, and helping families become stronger and happier! We’d like to hear from you.











© All writings are copyright 2004 by David McNamara and Alexandra McNamara. All rights reserved.


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