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Though our daughter Erin has suggested that we sell "Joyful Family" t-shirts with the logo on the front and our photo on the back, we haven't quite gotten to that stage yet. . .

In the meantime we have created two self-published spiral-round books that seek to gather some of the main elements of our work. The first, Creating Joyful Families is a CD/booklet set that we have shared with Creating Joyful Families workshop participants and would like to offer to others who are interested in this way of family work.  The CD is approximately seventy minutes in length and contains several individual guided imagery processes to guide you in working with these ideas of spiritually-based family life.  Specific exercises include:

  • The power of attention and intention in co-creating wholeness and unity in the family. (OR,"co-creating the family the way you would like it to become")
  • Becoming aware of and empowering yourself to consciously shape the "family-being"
  • Inviting and working with the transpersonal element of the family, what we call the "family-angel"
  • Understanding each of your children's unique contributions to and needs from the family in your life together
  • Working with and learning from the"ancestors" your family's personal and spiritual forebears.

The accompanying bound booklet contains

  1. Further ways to perceive and work with the "family-being" of your family, exercises teaching how to consciously shape that energy field to co-create the family the way you all would like it to become;
  2. Other activities we have found useful and powerful to build and support family wholeness and strength;
  3. An annotated reading list of other teachers’ work to further explore this topic.

The CD/booklet page is available from us, at this point.  The cost is $40 American, 20 pounds U.K., or 30 Euros, plus shipping and handling.  Please contact us for further information.

The second book is entitled Sexual and Emotional Intimacy: Men, Women, & Satisfying Needs. We have found that men and women have quite a different sets of needs and expectations around the issue of intimacy; just what intimacy means and how to understand and meet your own needs--and those of your partner! As well as exploring the subject of sexual and emotional needs, it incorporates numerous activities to provide deeper exploration into how to go about fulfilling those needs for yourself and your partner. The goal is, again, building joyful and successful relationships! The cost of this book is $20 U.S., 10 pounds U.K., or 15 Euros.









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© All writings are copyright 2004 by David McNamara and Alexandra McNamara. All rights reserved.


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