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Creating Joyful Families

Joyful families are what we are about! Creating them, supporting them, clearing the blocks that get in the way to experiencing family life as joyful. To experience the deep and powerful joy possible in family life doesn’t mean that you are always happy and smiley and there are no conflicts. We‘ve never found that to be possible, nor do we think it would be particularly healthy. Rather, joyful families:

  • learn to work through differences—even appreciate them!—
  • support individual strengths and needs,
  • experience the underlying unity and awareness of spiritual wholeness-- the “glue” that keeps a family together and wanting to stay together and enjoying each other!

What are joyful families about?

  • playing together,
  • working to understand each other,
  • helping to meet each other’s needs,
  • learning to speak from one’s heart and listen deeply,
  • seeing beyond how we look and act on the outside into the deeper parts of each others’ beings—and, then, appreciating and valuing these elements of Soul,
  • coming to experience the sense of unity and goodness that lies at the core of who we are together.

Most of these approaches have been already described and taught as ways to build strong or healthy families. Yet, joy and the sense of unity in a family go beyond merely learning to relate skillfully and clearly. This direct experience of wholeness and unity can be felt as deeply spiritual—alive with Spirit!—which may or may not, depending on your family, have anything to do with organized faith. This is the step of moving from relational skills to a new and far richer way of seeing and experiencing the family as a living being.

Building and living these things take time and energy, but they are what make family life worthwhile. The societies we live in don’t tend to encourage this attitude or support us in taking the time to build joyful families. Rather, we are encouraged to fulfill our individual desires and spend time in our own separate lives. More often the needs of the living being that is our family get overlooked, much to the detriment and pain and disconnectedness of ourselves and our children.

This website is about supporting family life to be joyful, rich, and strong, through learning and practicing the tools that bring this about, both building the strengths and clearing away the blocks. Here you will find information on workshops we offer, articles we’ve written, links to other sites that look toward that same goal, and other suggestions and thoughts about how to move toward that state of joy in your life as a family.

There are two articles in the current “Writings” page, one by David on how to think about and work with the idea of family wholeness or unity. This is the living field of consciousness created together—like it or not—by the family, and which can be worked with to shape it as one wishes. We think about this as the “family-being”, for it is a living, conscious energetic life-form. This is an introductory article, and excerpt from the book that David is working on.

The second article is by Alexandra on the parents’ role and responsibility in creating the most appropriate and successful education for their children. It draws from her twenty-some years of experience as an educator, parent, and consultant to parents’ seeking the “right kind” of education for their kids, including homeschooling. This article is the re-writing of a talk she gave at our last “Creating Joyful Families” workshop in Scotland.

We enjoy sharing our interests and skills with others, both in our workshops, in our writings, and in consulting. Both David and Alexandra’s consultation practices are described in the “Services” page.


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